If you only do one thing to promote your music this holiday season, email your fans (and tell them about 1¢ shipping)

The best way to get your fans to buy your music this holiday season is… to simply ASK THEM to buy your music.

Yes, the easiest way to promote your music this holiday season is to email your fans. Doubters, believe: Email is still the most effective form of online marketing.

But if the only thing you say when you send an email is “buy my music,” fans learn to tune out pretty quickly. There’s got to be an extra hook, something in it for THEM.

Well, in case you haven’t heard already, we’re offering 1¢ shipping on CDBaby.com orders whenever a customer purchases three or ore CDs or vinyl records. So there’s a great opportunity right there to remind your fans where they can purchase your music — and give them an extra incentive to do so.

To make things super simple for you, we’ve even written an announcement you can email to your list (just copy and paste the template):

Subject: Get 1¢ shipping when you buy 3 of my CDs (or vinyl) on CD Baby


Still trying to find the perfect gift for the music-lover in your life? I wanted to let you know that CD Baby is charging only 1¢ for shipping when you purchase any three (or more) CDs or vinyl records. That’s ONE PENNY standard domestic or international shipping!

You can find my music right here: [paste a link to your artist or album page on cdbaby.com]

Here’s to a music-filled holiday season.

Feel free to put it in your own words, of course.

What if you want to include more than just the details about CD Baby’s shipping deal in your email though? What if you want to send multiple emails throughout the holiday season? What if you want to give something extra to your fans?

Here are some tips for sprucing up your holiday emails:

* Thank your fans for their support.

* Mention any notable achievements throughout the year, such as a successful crowdfunding campaign, album release, music video launch, tour highlights, etc.

* Give your fans a special holiday gift such as a free single, link to an exclusive video greeting, etc.

* Run a limited-time sale by lowering the price of your CD during the holidays.

* Talk about how their purchase of your music on CDBaby.com goes a long way, since you earn more with us than through other distributors and download retailers.

If you need a little extra help, check out this article: 5 tips for sending better holiday emails.

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