Holidays Hustle: 8 Ways To Promote Your Band Or Brand


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By indie rapper Kosha Dillz

  1. Start an immediate sale for your entire catalog on band camp – Now is the time  to give. It is the giving season. not the taking season. Set a price on all your albums for your super fans. Not everyone wants you for christmas or hannukah, but some people do. Digital sale means no mailing , they get it immediately, and everyone is more than happy!
  2. 12 days of christmas / 8 nights of hannukah post – You don’t have to celebrate holidays to give the support and love on promoted posts to your friends. Put up 8 or 12 pics of your friends and things you are fan of to help others. People will love your list. It also draws activities everyday and  is a cool structure piece of content
  3. Send holiday postcards to your supporters – This isn’t a way to totally make cash, but a good way to invest in your special people. Post a Facebook or tweet about your postcards, and people will love the fact that you are doing it. Handwritten notes are golden and everyone loves real mail!
  4. Give out warm clothes to the needy / homeless on snapchat –  Nothing wrong with snapping a day of giving back? It encourages everyone to be in the holiday spirit and be giving. Take pics and make others happy as they live vicariously through what you do, and encourage them to be giving in the upcoming days, months, and years.
  5. Holiday song or video release – never to late to make an extra holiday song to release to go viral. Remember when Too Short did the Hannukah song? It was great. Also, Matisyahu has a famous hannukah song that gets played at every party, as well as Adam Sandler. It might be time for a new one to be made.
  6. Buy gifts for your fans, friends, and industry peeps.- Man. The more you give this season, the more they will buy form you in the year. If you don’t sell a lot of merch online yet, why don’t you run a gifting contest where you send people free merch and random goodies for fans , friends, and industry? People will remember that forever. It will get you a few more conversations, and it is way less creepier than buying it for a person you are interested in that isn’t interested in you! Trust me. Wouldn’t you love for me to buy you book?
  7. Holiday Contests – Sure. How about we run a contest on getting my new album , t shirt, plus a gift card for starbucks.  Everyone enters their email and by the end of the contest you get 200 emails for the holidays. I love entering things like that. Me and Flex Mathews once won something and got free trip to san francisco in a nice hotel, and slept in a pretty swanky hotel
  8. Benefit show or align with charity – Everyone in their right mind is always thinking about giving, especially if they have large fan base. Aligning yourself with a good cause from planned parenthood to The Front Row Foundation, which puts terminal ill people in the front row of their request (from concerts to baseball games) will always get people for a gathering. LAst year at my Hannukah party, Dave Bautista came out for the good cause and  was put in the bar mitzvah chair. Doing good things will always draw out the good people, and you never know who is in town for holidays. They might never come to a show of yours, but this time they come out for the good cause.
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