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March Madness means UNLIMITED CD Baby distribution!

March Madness returns! This is your chance to get a year of hosting for way below the normal price, but this year we’re sweetening the deal even further: Not only do you get 13 months of your very own website, but you’ll also get… Unlimited, FREE CD Baby distribution for 13 months! All you have …

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Facebook Looks To Hire Legal Director Of Music Licensing As It Beefs Up Music Team

A new job posting adds provides further proof that Facebook is finally getting serious about music. Facebook is now advertising for a Legal Director of Music Licensing to join Tamara Hrivnak who was recently hired to head the social network's music strategy. _________________________________ Facebook has just posted a job opening...Read More

Spotify Is Deleting It’s Inbox And Messaging Feature

Ever wish that you could communicate with fans and playlisters on Spotify? Forget it. At a time when most apps are encouraging communications, Spotify is deleting its own messaging system. _____________________________ Spotify has announced on it's Community blog that it is "deprecating" the Inbox/Messages feature in the Spotify app. "Extensive...Read More

Dart Music Files For Bankruptcy

[UPDATED] Dart Music promised to fix music's metadata problem; first with classical music and then all genres. But after raising $1.5 million, the promising startup has filed for bankruptcy. ____________________________________ Dart Music has filed for bankruptcy in its home state of Tennessee. In a press release, the company said it...Read More

How to use Facebook Events to get people to your shows

10 rules for creating effective Facebook Events Facebook pages seem to be less and less useful these days for promoting music, especially when we’re talking about your average independent band that doesn’t want to drop a bunch of cash just to reach fans that have already liked their page. But one aspect of a Facebook page that is …

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Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Which Sound System? • Great Graphic Design • Royalties And Contracts • More

This week on our sister site MusicThinkTank, we looked at how a good graphic designer can help to sell your music, how bands manage their contracts, and the best way to get booked at music festivals, plus more. David Milsont | Which Sound System Is Best For Your Party? Dixie...Read More

What to do with your fans’ info on CD Baby: email etiquette and building your list

A CD Baby artist recently offered one of her songs on for free, and a bunch of people ended up downloading the track. She didn’t realize she’d get most of those peoples’ email addresses in return (some customers opt to remain anonymous) and wrote us saying “I feel like I should follow up, but …

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“YouTube Can Do Better” – Black Keys, Rush, Cee Lo, Others Call For DMCA Reform [WATCH]

In stark contrast the intellectual and economic arguments that made up most of the filings with U.S. Copyright Office over "safe harbors" and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, a new one offers a simple, silent video message from top artists. Over 60 seconds of silence, white letters on a black...Read More

10 Things You Can Do To Get Better Tour Data

When artists set out to plan a tour, there are challenging decisions that must be made, when it comes to where fans and venues are located, what cities are worth visiting, and how a tour can best be promoted. Here we examine how to gather and harness collected fan data...Read More

Organic Reach From Social Media Is Declining, Here’s What You Can Do About It

The evidence that organic reach is in decline could not be more clear, meaning that preexisting social media stratagems are no longer as effective as they once were. Here we look at the best way for entrepreneurial artists to combat this decline across various social media platform. ________________________ Guest Post...Read More