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Music Think Tank Weekly: Why You’re Not Getting What You Want • Stop Wasting Money • Much More

This week's key posts on MusicThinkTank looked at why you're not getting what you want, reasons unsigned bands should stop wasting money on radio pluggers, the best types of music for helping you sleep, and more. Suz:The Rockstar Advocate | Why You're Not Getting What You Want Mark Knight |...Read More

Calculate Your Spotify Payments With This FREE Per US Stream Mechanical Calculator

Music collection agency Audiam has created a free payment calculator based on per streaming mechanical royalty rates supplied to them by Spotify. The rates are for the United States and only for mechanical royalties. Mechanical royalty rates also vary month to month, based on how many total streams occur in...Read More

How To Find Music Supervisors Using Tunefind [Hypebot’s Music Biz Weekly Podcast]

Amanda Byers, the Managing Director of Tunefind, joins host Michael Brandvold this week for Hypebot's Music Biz Weekly Podcast. TuneFind helps fans find music from their favorite TV shows and Movies, and artists can use Tunefind to locate music supervisors and get a better understanding of the type of music...Read More

Streaming Now Generates More Revenue For Music Industry Than Downloads, Physical Combined

Double digit growth in streaming in 2016 meant that Spotify, Apple Music and their competitors now account for 51.4% of all U.S. music revenue. Digital downloads were 24.1% in 2016 and physical was 21.8% of total revenue. This marks the first time since 1998 that the industry has posted back-to-back...Read More

How Music Festivals Are Changing [Interview w/Evan Harrison of Huka Entertainment]

In this interview, Rick Goetz speaks with Evan Harrison, the CEO of destination-site festival producing company Huka Entertainment, discusses how digital music has altered the industry and how life experiences are reshaping the relationship between artists and their fans in the music business. ____________________________ Guest post by Rick Goetz of...Read More

Being On Official Spotify Playlists Has A Lasting Effect, Even For Unknown Artists

Playlists really are the new radio; and just like getting played on the radio, inclusion leads to discovery and sometimes new loyal fans. But which playlists you are featured on matters. ____________________________ With Kobalt's release of a streaming data app come fresh dates for some of its AWAL indie music...Read More

The Trial That Will Determine Songwriters’ Income Over The Next 5 Years

Big news in the world of mechanical royalties, the Copyright Royalty Board is opening up hearings to set a new mechanical royalty rate. The board will hear from both music creators and users as it makes a determination which will be in effect for the next five years. _______________________ Guest...Read More

A2IM’s Libera Indie Music Awards Announces 2017 Lineup

The American Association of Independent Music (A2IM) 2017 Libera Awards celebrating indie music has announced its 2017 performance lineup. _____________________________ The performers for this year's A2IM Libera Awards include Independent Icon Award honoree Nick Lowe (Yep Roc), Lifetime Achievement Award winner Ani DiFranco (Righteous Babe), Talib Kweli (Javotti Media), Twin...Read More

SoundExchange Is Distributing SiriusXm Settlement Funds For Pre-1972 Recordings

SoundExchange has began distributing proceeds to featured and non-featured performers of a SiriusXM legal settlement for use of sound recordings that were created prior to February 15, 1972. The distribution began in the Fall of last year, but "as we distribute these funds in the future, recording artists will notice...Read More

I asked Jack Conte about success… here’s what he shared with me

Jack Conte is one-half of the band Pomplamoose, an act that initially found a following on YouTube with the video song, and quickly expanded their efforts to include music releases and live performances. Jack is also the founder of Patreon, a micro-crowdfunding site for creatives where people can fund their favorite talent on an ongoing …

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