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Why Spotify Wants Blockchain & How All The Music Industry’s Blockchain Dreams Can Come True

[UPDATED] During the course of its recent acquisition spree, Spotify bought Blockchain company Mediachain Labs, hoping that the company would be able to solve some of its wayward copyright issues. But there is evidence that both Spotify and the music industry may not fully understand how blockchain tech actually works,...Read More

8 reasons you aren’t getting publicity for your music

This post was written by Lauren Gill of Power Publicity. It originally appeared on the Sonicbids Blog. Billboard. Rolling Stone. Spin magazine. Musicians dream of getting massive amounts of publicity and everyone knowing their names, but getting press as an emerging artist can be tough. Journalists and bloggers are inundated with pitches from artists seeking …

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How To Get Music Bloggers To Respond To Your Email

Constantly bombarded with emails from artists confident their music is the next big thing, it can often be difficult to get music bloggers to offer up any kind of reply to your digital clamors for their attention. Difficult, but not impossible. Here we look at the best practices for getting...Read More

This May Day, We Salute Working Class Musicians Everywhere

Today is May Day. In addition to being a day that celebrates spring, it is also International Workers Day, to honor laborers and the working classes - a group that finds itself under siege and struggling. That's a circumstance that many musicians find all too familiar. __________________________________ Even as the...Read More

Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: First Indie Album • Growth Hacks • Metadata • More

On MusicThinkTank this week, we had pieces covering how to launch your first indie album, key growth hacks for a building a solid music career, why you really ought to care about metadata, and more. MusicThinkTank | Tips For Launching Your First Indie Album Jo Pacheco | Spot On Track...Read More

TOP POSTS: The Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot

The most frequently perused posts from the week's music industry news this week included those covering Spotify's plan to implement its own music hardware and voice control, the best way to land a spot on a Spotify playlist, how different royalties are paid on the three Pandora price tiers, and...Read More

Record Store Day 2017 Top Selling Singles, Albums & More

Two legacy artists topped the sales charts for Record Store Day 2017 according to BuzzAngle. The Grateful Dead's "Vancouver 7/29/66" was the top selling album of the day, while The Beatles' "Strawberry Fields Forever" was the top selling single. Year-over-year (single-day RSD 2017 vs single-day RSD 2016) % Change: Category...Read More

10 Best Facebook Practices For Artists, Bands

Although it can be one of the best social networks for bands and artists to promote themselves on, Facebook is a complicated animal, and proper execution is necessary for getting the most out of the site. Consequently, we're taking a look at ten of the best practices for musicians using...Read More

Apple Music To Relaunch With More Video, Original Programming [REPORT]

When Apple introduces the next version of its iOS later this year, it will reportedly include an new Apple Music app designed to emphasize video. Recent announcements of several Apple exclusive video series would seem to confirm the shift. _______________________________ Apple Music honcho Jimmy Iovine is making deals to bring...Read More

Industry Navigation Tips For Songwriters

The music industry is full of talented and creative songwriters, which can often foster a negative competitive environment, but rather than fall into this trap, it would behoove any songwriter to use the many likeminded artists in their field to their advantage. Here we look at how. __________________________________ Guest post...Read More