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So You’ve Inherited A Song Catalogue, What Now?

Close relations of artists may find themselves inheriting said performer's song catalogues when they pass away, and while this can be advantageous, it can also be legally complex, and bringing a a knowledgeable outsider is recommended. __________________________ Guest post by Erin M. Jacobson, Esq. of The Music Industry Lawyer I...Read More

Spotify Users Demand End To Track Limits In Music Libraries

Back when we all bought music instead of renting it, serious fans collected thousands vinyl, CDs and tapes, each containing 10 or so songs. Those tens of thousands of tracks became an essential part of our lives. But Spotify thinks those great collections don't matter any more, placing arbitrary limits...Read More

Pandora Adds Free Branded On Demand Streaming

Pandora has built fitness-themed stations as part of a campaign for the Gatorade-owned Propel brand that offer users who listen to free streams the ability to listen to a select tracks on-demand indefinitely. “It’s the first time that we’ve ever used fitness influencers to actually curate the sounds of these...Read More

7 myths about getting your songs in film and TV

This article was written by songwriter Cathy Heller. Did you know you can make six figures a year licensing your songs to TV, film, and ads as an indie artist? This is a real thing. Artists all over the world are creating an amazing living doing what they love through sync. And yet, so many …

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Sub Pop, The Label Brought Us Nirvana And Started A Movement [INTERVIEW]

Here the people at SoundExchange speak with Jonathan Poneman, co-founder of legendary independent label Sub Pop, a label known for acts like The Postal Service, as well as for helping to spur the grunge movement via bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden. ___________________________ Guest post from SoundExchange Editor’s note: In recognition...Read More

Spotify As Now Important As Facebook For Musicians

More than just a place for fans to listen to music, Spotify also fills an important social media niche, allowing fans to interact with and stay updated on an artist. Here we look at some tips for maintaining an effective social media profile. _________________________ Guest post by Joe Pacheco of...Read More

Does Pandora Have A “Fake Listener” Problem?

By some estimates, more than two-thirds of listening on Pandora occurs at home or the office. So more than some music streamers, Pandora may suffer from “empty room syndrome.” In other words, the music is on, but no one is there to hear it. _____________________________________________ The idea that Pandora may...Read More

Enter to win one of five Guage ECM-87 microphones

TrackSpark has launched a sweepstakes where five winners will be randomly selected to win an ECM-87 microphone by Guage. And even if you don’t win, every entrant gets a FREE goody bag including the N-TEN-AT4 by CDSoundMaster and the Cardinals sound bank by AAS. The sweepstakes goes until the end of June, so go HERE …

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MON. BRIEF: Gregg Allman, Chris Cornell Remembered • Spotify Settles Songwriter Class Action Lawsuit • iHeart Troubles Grow • More

Monday 5.29.17 Music Business News From Around The Web We're mostly off for the U.S. Memorial day holiday, but news doesn't take a break, so here's the latest... Updated continuously under our More News tabRead More

Southern Rock Icon Gregg Allman Dies At 69

Allman Brothers co-founder and rock icon Gregg Allman has died at aged 69. Allman died quietly at his home in Savannah, Georgia, according to a statement posted to his official website. Allman has struggled with many health issues over the past several years. It is with deep sadness we announce...Read More