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In A Seismic Shift, More Of Gen Z Get Their Music From Spotify Than YouTube [MARK MULLIGAN]

The common wisdom for the last few years is that teens use YouTube as their primary conduit for music discovery and consumption. But Mark Mulligan and the MIDIA research team took a deep dive into new data and found a seismic shift underway. _________________________________________________ By Mark Mulligan of entertainment industry...Read More

Compromise Proposal To Fix Streaming Royalties, Licensing, Notification [DAVID LOWERY]

Here David Lowery outlines his proposal for a modification of proposed legislation from the NMPA which would to solve issues with streaming royalties and licensing in a manner which would benefit all parties involved. __________________________________ Guest post by David Lowery of The Trichordist I have a feeling I’m about to...Read More

Successful Pitching: 5 Steps To Getting Gigs, Sync Placements

Being able to effectively pitch yourself to venues, promoters, licensing agents, etc., is one of the great skills of being a musical entrepreneur. In this piece we look at how artists can get through to people in these positions without irritating them, and actually ultimately receive a yes. ______________________________ Guest...Read More

Music Biz Conference To Return To Nashville In 2018

The Music Business Association today confirmed that their popular Music Biz Conference is returning to the Music City, Monday, May 14 thru Thursday, May 17 at the Omni Nashville Hotel. 2017 was the conference's highest rated event ever, with the majority labeling it as "Excellent." ___________________________________________ The Music Biz Conference...Read More

How To Manage Your Rights On YouTube: Anatomy Of A Claim

Most artists are by this point aware of the money to be made off of YouTube, although not all artists are aware that virtually all of this money is made via claims. Here we break down the three essential elements of a YouTube claim, and explore how artists can more...Read More

You Can Be The Band Nobody Wants To Play With In 10 Easy Steps

Being a band or artist that other musicians can stand to play with is important to building a long-term successful career. Here we look at ten steps to avoid taking which will transform your band into something no will ever want to work with. ____________________________ Guest post by Evan Zwisler...Read More

5 Biggest Myths About Music Streaming

Having heard plenty, both good and bad, about streaming services, Chris Robley here attempts to debunk several myths surrounding music streaming ranging from its potential profitability to the differences between the various platforms. ___________________________ Guest post by Chris Robley of CD Baby's DIY Musician Between conferences, emails, blog comments, and...Read More

5 steps to pitching bliss: how to get that gig or sync placement

Writing emails that can’t be ignored. For years, my biggest challenge was writing emails to music venues, promoters, licensing agents, magazine editors, and even my fans, and rarely getting a reply. They could have called me Cheryl “Crickets” Engelhardt. When I actually got a “yes,” it was due to luck, or laborious followup. Probably more …

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MUSO Raises $3.2 Million Series A Round For Anti-Piracy Tech

Anti-piracy tech developer MUSO has raised a $3.2M Series A round led by NJ based VC Harwell Capital. MUSO has a suite of products to help rights-holders protect content, identify piracy and redirect those on pirate sites and “dark channels” to legitimate sources. MUSO, which has offices in London, Los...Read More

Will The Next Pop Culture Icon Be Augmented Reality?

As artificial intelligence continues to expand and replace many jobs traditionally held by humans, even the creative sector has seen advancements in artificial intelligence, raising the question of whether the next pop culture icon could potentially be an artificially intelligent bot. _________________________ Guest post by Thomas Euler of Attention More