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5 Times Artists Actually Used Auto-Tune Tastefully

Although auto-tune and overt pitch correction have received a lot of negative backlash from both inside and outside of the industry, auto-tune isn't always of some of the harsh criticism which it receives. Here we look at five instances of auto-tuning being employed in a tasteful manner. _______________________ Guest post...Read More

THE PITCH – RecordGram: Discover Beats, Connect With Producers, Make Music!

Today, music creator app RecordGram makes THE PITCH. As with other startups in this ongoing series, we've given them 100 words to convince you of their worthiness. And while I don't always comment, RecordGram goes solidly on my "app to watch" list. _______________________________________ RecordGram, the most recent winner of the...Read More

Bandcamp Pledges Friday’s Profits To Trans Gender Law Center, Highlights Trans and Gender Non-conforming Artists

Indie direct to fan music platform Bandcamp is showing its support of the trans and gender non-conforming community by donating its share of every transaction made on the platform this Friday August 4th to the Transgender Law Center. ____________________________________________ In response to the Trump administration's sudden ban on transgender service...Read More

Pandora Reports No User Growth, But Q2 Revenue Grew More Than Expected

Pandora shared its Q2 report on Monday, and even though music streaming is exploding globally, this streamer's active user numbers remained flat at 76 million. Wall Street applauded, however, since the company reported better than expected returns and signs of growth in revenue, paid subscriptions and average monthly listener days....Read More

Spotify Surpasses 60M Paid Subscribers, Now Adding 2M Per Month

Spotify has confirmed that it has surpassed 60 million subscribers. That's up from 40 million paid in March of this year; and means that the worlds top music streamer is adding an impressive 2 million paid users per month. As of June, Spotify's active users - both paid and free...Read More

A publishing split sheet for co-songwriters

Get it in writing and protect your publishing rights. You’ve just co-written a killer song. You’re psyched. But before you leave, before you celebrate, before you tweet about it, before you do anything else, sit back down with your collaborators and fill out a publishing split sheet. Who contributed, and in which ways? What percentage …

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How To Reach Fans On Facebook Live

For most DIY artists, promoting over Facebook has become a huge hassle and can often seem more trouble than it's worth organic reach now often next to impossible. In this article we look at the potential of Facebook live, and how it can be used to effectively reach fans. __________________________...Read More

Key Elements Of Successful Music VIP Ticketing Programs [Music Biz Weekly Podcast]

This week, Ron Young of the band Little Caesar joins Michael Brandvold and Jay Gilbert on Hypebot's Music Biz Weekly podcast to discuss music VIP ticket experiences and where they have gone wrong. Learn the key elements that make a successful music VIP ticket program. __________________________________________ Related articles Could Mobile...Read More

How To Contact Music Journalists Via Social Media

While social media has made it easier than ever to directly contact people within the industry, the precise approach which one uses in doing so can still make or break the success of the interaction, particularly when it comes to music journalists. ____________________ Guest post by Allison Johnelle Boron of...Read More

CD Baby artist GLASYS gets the attention of T-Pain… and 600k other viewers

How one indie artist connected with a notable rapper through social video. Gil Assayas makes dark synth-pop under the name GLASYS, and he’s one hell of a keyboard player. I don’t really know him all that well, but we’ve both been tapped for a project next year where we’ll be recreating Peter Gabriel’s Secret World …

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