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Spotify Shifts Gears On Video, Podcasts As Division Head Tom Calderone Exits

Spotify's much publicized move into video and podcasts never really gained traction. Now division chief Tom Calderone, the former head of cable network VH1, is out and the music streamer is shifting its video and podcasting strategy. ____________________________________________ Spotify confirmed the departure of former VH1 executive Tom Calderone today; and...Read More

BMG Reports Impressive 28% Revenue Gain

BMG continued to expand its market position in the first six months of the 2017 financial year, according to financial results released this week. Overall revenue increased by 28% t to €233 million / USD $265.5 million. BMG Financial Report Highlights BMG acquires the BBR Music Group, securing a relevant...Read More

Developer Puts Game On The Pirate Bay Claiming Steam Key Resellers Are Bigger Evil

Although some of the larger publishers have yet to catch on, much of the gaming industry seems be gravitating toward better, more nuanced method of dealing with copyright piracy, as demonstrated by one company's placement of their latest release on The Pirate Bay rather than on Steam. _____________________ Guest post...Read More

Using Facebook Live to earn $74k in one year as a solo musician

How musicians should use Facebook Live to serve their audience first, and later reap the rewards. Last weekend at CD Baby’s DIY Musician Conference in Nashville, I rounded a corner in the hotel lobby and saw a man SWAMPED by people. He was taking questions, shouting answers to the crowd, and obviously giving a lot …

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Why You Can’t Put The Music Industry On A Blockchain

In this excerpt from "Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum & Smart Contracts," author David Gerard offers a critical examination of the Bitcoin and blockchain phenomenon, and what it means for music and the music industry. _____________________ Guest post by David Gerard from his book Attack of...Read More

Is Music Streaming Really Worth $28 Billion? [Mark Mulligan]

A new Goldman Sachs report claims that Universal Music is worth $23.5 billion and that the paid streaming market will be worth $28 billion in 2030. That's almost double the size of the entire recorded music business in 2016. Analyst Mark Mulligan dives into the numbers. ___________________________________________ Guest post by...Read More

If ‘Everyone Just Wants Free Stuff’ Mentality Responsible For Piracy, Why Isn’t Nintendo Able To Keep Classic Consoles In Stock?

Recent buying trends among consumers of Nintendo's classic consoles have recently provided further rebuffment of the 'people just want free stuff' myth often proclaimed by content industries. ___________________ Guest post by Timothy Geigner of Techdirt For a long time, we've been trying to debunk the "But people just want stuff...Read More

The 2017 DIY Musician Conference recap: CD Baby hosts three days of creativity, community, and career advice

The DIY musician community gathered in Nashville for a life-changing 3-day weekend of music biz education, live performances, and more. Yes. I just used the term “life changing.” No hyperbole. After this weekend’s @cdbaby #diymusician conference, I’ve never been more inspired to create and collaborate ❤️ — Lena Zawaideh (@NightPulseMusic) August 27, 2017 …

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Neighboring Rights: An Updated Look

Here we dive back in to look further at 'neighboring rights', a form of rights holding which entitles allows monies to be distributed to artists and sound recording holders when one of their works is either broadcast publicly or streamed. ________________________________________ Guest post by Justin M. Jacobson, Esq. on the...Read More

Bandzoogle Launches New Fan Data Dashboard

With the advent of digital came a flood of data that can and should inform and refine every corner of an artist's career. This data firehouse can be quite overwhelming, however; so Bandzoogle has a launched a solution. _______________________________ Website and music marketing platform Bandzoogle has launched Bandzoogle Data: analytics...Read More