How indie musicians can monetize music on Facebook

Facebook music monetization for indie artists: What you need to know!

Big news: Facebook has been inking deals with labels, publishers, and other rights administrators in order to properly monetize music usage across the still-dominant social media platform, plus Instagram and Oculus. If you’re an independent artist, label, or songwriter, CD Baby has got you covered for all three of those platforms.

CD Baby clients have already seen enormous value in collecting royalties for the usage of their music on YouTube via Content ID, and we can expect the same thing with Facebook. Think of it: all those videos people have posted to Facebook over the years containing your music can now earn you money.

With the massive amount of music being used on Facebook, and with the introduction of a system-wide solution to help avoid copyright issues, this is going to be huge for the music industry — and it’s not just a win for the majors; independent artists and songwriters will greatly benefit too.

If you’re a CD Baby artist, it’s easy to start collecting money for your music on Facebook

IMPORTANT: a lot of reports out there are encouraging artists to “act fast,” with messages that suggest you only have a limited window to opt in to a direct license with Facebook, or urging you to create a new account with some third party where you have to add all your release info to yet another database.

Once Facebook starts paying, many existing CD Baby clients won’t even have to lift a finger to start collecting revenue. More to the point, you don’t have to do anything else assuming you’re already taking advantage of CD Baby’s YouTube Monetization Program and CD Baby Pro Publishing.

CD Baby can help you earn money from your music on Facebook in two ways

Depending on your contribution to the music, there are two different Facebook revenue streams that artists and songwriters can tap into. To make sure that your music is usable on Facebook and you’re collecting all applicable royalties, take advantage of:

There are two rights at play when your music is used on Facebook

The sound recording

Whenever your song is used (on ANY video on Facebook, not just ones you’ve uploaded to your page or profile), a royalty is owed to the owner of the actual recorded track.

If you’re already taking advantage of CD Baby’s YouTube Monetization Program, your music will also be set up to collect revenue from Facebook as soon as they start paying.

The composition

Any time a sound recording is used on Facebook, the underlying song composition should also generate a royalty. This money will be owed to publishers/songwriters.

If your publishing rights are already being administered by CD Baby Pro Publishing, we’ll collect those royalties for you as soon as Facebook starts paying. If you’re not, upgrade today!

As a Pro client, we’ll also help you earn publishing revenue that is almost impossible for independent artists to collect on their own, including royalties for:

  • global streaming activity
  • international downloads
  • YouTube plays
  • and more

Again, Facebook hasn’t started paying rights holders yet, but with CD Baby you’re at the front of the line, and you’ll be positioned to earn money from the social media service as soon as possible (as long as you’ve taken the steps listed above).

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