The keys to earning money through YouTube’s Partner Program

It’s been a while since YouTube changed its rules for channel monetization.

To earn ad revenue through the Partner Program, your channel now needs at least 1000 subscribers and 4000+ hours of annual watch-time.

How do these new requirements effect you?

I’ve explained why the changes shouldn’t give you too much stress, even if it means you can’t monetize all your videos right now.

But if you want to meet the minimum threshold for earning ad revenue through YouTube’s Partner Program…

It’s clear what steps you need to take to monetize your channel and videos on YouTube:

Here are 8 articles that will help you build inventory, post videos at the smartest times, and better understand your audience:

  1. Not all videos need to be “music videos”
  2. YouTube and the ever-confusing world of Art Tracks
  3. Creating a good lyric video for less than $10
  4. Why you should be scheduling your YouTube videos (and how to do it)
  5. The 30-Minute YouTube Bootcamp for Musicians
  6. The anatomy of a highly-optimized YouTube video
  7. Six tips to making a no-budget music video
  8. Why you should know everything there is to know about your YouTube channel

Also remember that CD Baby can help you can monetize your music across YouTube via Content ID.

Wherever eligible, we will place claims on ANY video on YouTube that uses your music and you’ll earn a share of the associated ad revenue.

This service is included with CD Baby distribution, so sign up today!


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