Online advertising tips for musicians


aka a “Target Demographic”

There are a few ways to find out who your target demographic is, which is a another term that simply means “your fans.” We’ve found it helps indie musicians to identify their “Perfect Fan” as a visual way to help bring their digital audience to life.

If you have a Facebook, Instagram or Spotify Account, you can use the insights from these pages to find out the age range and gender of your followers. Any trends you notice (ex. mostly female, party people) can help you get a better sense of who’s following your stories and who seems the most interested in the music you’re creating.

Brand-new to the game? Think about your “perfect fan” as an ideal and explore social media pages of bands or artists like you for clues. Ultimately your “Perfect Fan” is going to be created from a mix of insights, intuition, and a touch of creativity.

For the purposes of Facebook ads, think about your “perfect” fan’s motivations – what genre of music would they like? How would they spend their free time? Are there other bands that sound similar? Key “interests” can be used to help you increase the odds of reaching your fans, or potential fans, with the message or music you’re sharing.


aka a “Value Proposition”

No matter what type of music you’re creating or what your “live show experience” is like, you have something to offer listeners. It can help to make a list of what the “value” is from what you are doing – what exactly will fans get if they follow you online or see you live? Get creative; it can be more than one thing, and more than music.

When you release music or you promote an upcoming show, your value proposition will include the item that you want your fans to purchase (ex. a CD or a concert ticket). If you’re simply looking for exposure and reach, your value proposition might be a Facebook Live video of you singing your new song while doing a handstand (hey, why not?).

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