Common cover art mistakes that will get your music removed from streaming services

Why GOOD cover art is so important.

Oftentimes before anyone listens to your music, especially on digital platforms, they’ll first see your cover art.

Cover artwork is the visual gateway into your music, and it’s the image that listeners will associate with your music afterwards.

But if your cover art sucks or confuses people, potential listeners will never press “play.”

Worse, if your cover art doesn’t comply with our digital partners’ guidelines, the streaming and download services won’t even make your music available on their platforms.

Break the rules in your music. Follow the rules in your cover art.

The most basic rule is this: Every single release should have a unique cover, so as someone scrolls through your discography they can identify each release by the cover alone.

Here are some more cover art guidelines you must follow if you want your music published across all digital platforms without delay:

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