New monetization features for mid-sized YouTube channels

The big news at VidCon this year:

YouTube announced three new features that will help channels with active subscribers make more money and drive more video engagement.

1. Merch sales

Any US-based channel with more than 10k subscribers can start selling merch to their fans without leaving the YouTube platform.

2. Channel memberships

Eligible channels with more than 100k subscribers can now charge fans a $4.99 monthly fee for access to exclusive content, live-streams, special emojis (how very YouTube), and more. This seems to be YouTube’s way of combining the best of Twitch and Patreon.

3. Premieres

Now you can create anticipation for new videos with a countdown to the moment they get published on YouTube. Fans can get a reminder, and your subscribers can join the chat and view the video all together the instant it’s live.

Will these changes help you? Holler in the comments below.

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