A whole new way to think about marketing your music

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Online music marketing should be about SO MUCH MORE than blasting updates and asking people to buy your music. You can’t start with the “ask” and have total strangers give a damn.

You need to lead your potential fans on a journey that includes:

  • an introductory phase that asks nothing of your potential new listener
  • an educational phase where new listeners learn more about you to determine if they want to go deeper
  • a phase where you ask permission to contact them directly
  • and onwards, until you’ve nurtured that relationship and turned a casual listener into a lifelong fan

This is what Kyle Lemaire (aka Circa) of Indepreneur.io calls “the Buddy System,” a marketing process that mirrors the sequential way humans build relationships in the analog world, based on mutual benefit.

If relationship-building is a part of human nature though, why are so many musicians terrible at marketing?

Well, this “new” way to think about music marketing actually calls upon a lot of marketing fundamentals that many musicians have either forgotten or never learned in the first place. Let’s fix that!

Bring an open mind, your willingness to work, and your questions to our next Facebook Live discussion.

On Wednesday, July 18th at 2pm EST / 11am PST I’ll be talking with Circa for about an hour on CD Baby’s Facebook page all about the Buddy System, how to target the right “cold audiences” (people who don’t yet know your music), and how to track these people’s engagement along the way so you can match the right message to the right audience based on their level of commitment to your music.

You’ll learn about:

  • The Buddy System: what it is, why it forms a foundation for good marketing, and why so many musicians break the rules of the Buddy System
  • The power of Facebook as an ad platform, and how it facilitates many steps along the way in the Buddy System
  • The basics of targeting and remarketing

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