Get your songwriting splits right, or you might not get paid at all

Our friends at ASCAP just made a fun little animated video that explains why it’s so important to get all your co-songwriting splits in writing as soon as you finish a song — and why those splits better add up to 100%!!!

The video about songwriting splits says:

As songs are co-written with an increasing number of contributors, it is more important than ever that co-writers amicably agree on splits – in writing – that add up to exactly 100%, and share accurate publishing info with each other.

Without working this out early in the creative process, bad title registrations and disputes can end important creative relationships and wreak havoc on a global scale, causing songwriters to lose royalties for years.

By learning how to make some simple, positive changes to our creative business practices, songwriters can create a world of good – for ourselves, our families, our community, our industry, and billions of music lovers.

Add it up, and get your songwriting splits in writing

CD Baby has made it easy for you. Download our FREE “split sheet” template you can use whenever you collaborate with other songwriters.

Better to address these matters when the songwriting process is fresh in your mind. Don’t wait. If you do, you could find yourself with bitter feelings, legal bills, and unpaid royalties.

Get your free PDF split sheet for songwriters.


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