Folk-pop band NAPAEA finds a fun way to grow their Spotify following

I came across something cool a band was doing and I wanted to make a quick post about it.

The folk-pop group Napaea is slowly sharing bits and pieces of their upcoming album art with fans. That on its own is nothing new. I’ve done that a bunch.

But what DID seem novel is that they’re only making new quadrants of the cover art visible when they reach certain milestones in growing their Spotify following — specifically, a new piece of the puzzle gets filled in for every 5 new followers.

Check out the page where they’re running this teaser campaign in the lead-up to an album release:

Props to them for finding a fun way to incentivize fans to become Spotify followers.

Would this approach work for you?

What creative things have you tried to grow your following on Spotify?

Let me know in the comments.


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