How do you hack the BORING parts of your music career?

I love exporting email lists, cleaning months of JPEGs off my desktop, and waiting around at the end of a recording session to consolidate tracks. Those things are why I got into music in the first place.


However, the boring, tedious, mundane, uninspiring, redundant 😉 aspects of managing your musical life CAN sometimes play as big a role in your successes as the music itself.

When things are well organized, fewer opportunities are apt to slip through the cracks.

Here’s just a few of the things musicians need to keep track of:

  • properly-tagged fan lists
  • analytics (in Google, Pandora, Spotify, Facebook, etc.)
  • ad audiences
  • merch inventory
  • accounting
  • digital files
  • booking contacts
  • communication across email, Messenger, DMs, phone/text, IG,…

But we’re musicians first. For most of us the clerical and entrepreneurial stuff comes in at a distant second (if we finish that race at all).

How do you build the busywork into your music processes?

I need your help.

Last week I took a few days off to record. Staying true to a long, proud musical tradition, I underestimated how much time things actually take in the studio.

You’d think after a trillion sessions I’d have learned by now. Nope. What I thought was the “end” of each day turned into the beginning of all the busywork: track consolidation, uploading files to Dropbox, etc.

Same thing goes whenever I send an email newsletter. I think, “Oh, this will just take me about 15 minutes.” Then I spend 30 minutes cleaning my list, manually inputting new contacts, and importing some lists that aren’t automatically integrated with Mailchimp. Only then do I get to START writing the email.

I’m not a complete mess in this department. I get things done, but it always feels like I’m wrestling with myself to complete those tasks. I envy musician friends who seem to have been born with the efficiency and time-management gene. So…

I’d love to hear how you get things done.

Ya know — the stuff that needs to get done even though you’d prefer to put it off.

  • Do you have some mental “hack” that helps you actually get inspired to tackle the office work?
  • Do you always budget a certain part of your day for staying organized?
  • Do you fire up a playlist, put on your headphones, and just dive into data-entry mode?
  • Do you sit in the back of the van on tour and handle all this stuff because you’re sick of talking to your bandmates?

What works? Lemme know.


Bare Lee Organized

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