“Hey Alexa, please compete with Spotify and Apple Music”

Spotify is the buzz-creating giant of music streaming.

Apple Music is the solid service where EVERY user is a paid subscriber.

And Amazon Music

… has quietly been plotting against the others.

Don’t put all your eggs in the Spotify basket.

I say quietly plotting because the news has largely ignored Amazon as a major player in the music streaming game.

Alexa is changing that.

Amazon’s voice assistant now has “New Release Notifications” which allow US-based users to follow an artist’s music on Amazon — like in the video above featuring Anderson .Paak.

The power of following an artist on Amazon Music.

When you follow an artist on Amazon you’ll get a notification via your Echo device or through the Amazon Music app that lets you know that artist has released a new song or album. (Kinda like when you follow an artist or pre-save / pre-add music on competing services.)

As an artist, it’s a safe bet that the more fans who follow you on Amazon, the better your music will perform in Amazon’s recommendation algorithm.

Of course that’s how it works on Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora too.

So when you share your music, or ask your fans to take action, you should NOT put all your eggs in the Spotify basket. Don’t take it for granted that everyone is on Spotify, or Apple Music, or any ONE platform.

Gone are the days of iTunes dominance, when one company accounted for almost all digital music revenue.

It’s important to give your listeners all the options… because you never know what streaming service they prefer.

Make no mistake, Amazon is a music streaming giant — and Alexa makes the platform all the more powerful, with immediate, interactive, music recommendations based on mood, artist, year, genre, you name it.

You don’t just want to be FOUND on Amazon Music. You want your songs to be on the tip of Alexa’s tongue.

Distribute your music to Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, and 150+ other platforms worldwide.


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