Building a contact database for European venues and talent buyers

The above video is part of a longer series by dork-rock troubadour Brett Newski. He’s been touring in Europe for years and put together a great online course to help independent musicians book successful European tours without the help of an agent, promoter, or manager.

You can check out the full course HERE.

If you’re just curious how to do some venue sleuthing on your own, check out Brett’s video tutorial above in which he discusses:

  • searching for genre-appropriate venues by country, similar artists, capacity, and more
  • finding contact info for the talent buyers
  • making a venue contact database to keep yourself sane
  • using tools like Songkick, Bandcamp, Facebook, and more

Got any advice about touring or booking gigs in Europe to add?

I’d love to hear it. Lemme know in the comments.

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