CD Baby just changed the way you market your music

CD Baby is always on the lookout for new, effective ways artists can market and promote their music. So we’re really excited to tell you we’ve launched a new tool on our music-marketing platform to help you reach the right audience in places where they’re already engaging with music.’s Ad Builder tool helps you:

1. Run audio ads on Spotify and iHeart Radio to reach new listeners

With’s Ad Builder tools, you can drive streams, ticket sales, web traffic, and more with 30-second audio ads, targeted to active listeners on Spotify and iHeart Radio in the USA who are most likely to convert (based on your targeting criteria: geography, genre and playlist interests, etc.)

2. Target major music websites with your message

Ad Builder also lets you advertise your new release, tour, or video with digital banners that will be displayed on the most prestigious websites where music fans are already hanging out (Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Billboard, etc.)

Better ad results for less time and money

With you can take advantage of both ad types FOR LESS MONEY and with LESS TIME COMMITMENT than it would require for you to manage your own ad accounts and placements.

And as far as typical advertising costs go, our Ad Builder is super affordable:

  • You can place audio ads on Spotify with a minimum budget of $50.
  • You can run a banner-ad campaign for as little as $20.

More info about advertising your music via

  1. Campaigns can run for a maximum of 31 days
  2. All ads are manually inspected, so you know they’re going to meet the requirements of the websites or digital music platforms where they’ll run
  3. With banner ads, you can upload 5 different banner sizes for maximum reach

If you don’t have a account already, you can create one FOR FREE within your CD Baby dashboard. Click the “Free Marketing Tools” link.

If you don’t have a CD Baby account, create one HERE. It’s FREE too (no distribution required).

The Ad Builder tool obviously requires an advertising budget, but all the other campaigns (Spotify pre-saves, YouTube premieres, etc.) are free for you to use right away. And when you’re ready to run an ad campaign, we’d love to help you out. Click the “Ad Builder” link when you’re logged into

For more information on how to reach the right audiences with Ad Builder, listen to Episode #226 of the DIY Musician Podcast.

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