Get EVERYTHING you need to properly distribute, monetize, and promote your album online!

Do you have a new album that’s ready to meet the world?

Don’t fret over a-la-carte monetization options, weird platform delivery fees, or the prospect of an annual bill that grows every time you put out new music. You have more important things to worry about when you’re trying to reach listeners and grow an audience. CD Baby’s Total Monetization Package gets you EVERYTHING YOUR ALBUM NEEDS — minus the headaches and hidden fees — at our lowest price ever.


Now through May 8th, CD Baby is offering album distribution + publishing + monetization + marketing tools (and a free UPC barcode) for just $49.

There’s so much more to distribution and monetization than pushing a digital music file from point A to Z.

CD Baby is the ONLY distributor to have top-preferred status with both Apple Music and Spotify, thanks to our robust metadata and rights management, as well as our detailed, accurate, and timely accounting (we’ve paid artists EVERY week for more than 20 years).

We also know it’s really important for you to be able to earn money from your recordings and compositions beyond streaming, downloads, and CD/vinyl sales, so we don’t nickel-and-dime you for the “extras.” It’s included, with NO ANNUAL FEES and NO per-platform delivery fees.

We want to partner with you, not only when your music is new, but as you build a career and catalog over the long-term. That’s why you get it all.

And through May 8th, you get it all at a super-low price (just $49, including a free UPC barcode).

You should be as prepared as possible to make an impact NOW with your album, but also have the best tools and the least stress when it comes to managing the ONGOING distribution, monetization, and promotion of your music.

The Total Monetization Package includes:

  • Worldwide digital distribution to get your music on 150+ digital platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more
  • Physical distribution for your CD or vinyl, where we’ll warehouse your album, process the orders, and ship the music to your fans
  • Global music publishing administration to make sure you’re collecting ALL your publishing royalties, including mechanical royalties that are not collected by ASCAP or BMI, and that are almost impossible to collect on your own
  • Social video monetization that employs Content ID across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Oculus, and more — so you can make money when your music appears in any video on those platforms
  • Sync licensing to get your songs placed in films, TV shows, commercials, video games, and more
  • Your music in Instagram Stories, so your fans can add your songs to their stories
  • Instant artist verification on Spotify, so you can quickly claim your Spotify for Artists profile
  • A free UPC barcode, which is required in order to make your music available for streaming and download sales
  • Pro-level music marketing tools used by labels like Universal, Concord, and Nettwerk (they pay to use them; you get them for free!) to run Spotify pre-saves, list-building campaigns, YouTube premieres, and more

You have until May 8th to get everything your album needs for just $49 (free UPC barcode included).

And we didn’t even talk about simplicity yet; you control all of this distribution, monetization, and publishing from ONE account!


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