Jim Brickman’s Songwriter Workshop: Get even more from your time at the DIY Musician Conference

We’re excited to announce that Jim Brickman will be running an intensive workshop for songwriters on Aug 15 in Austin, TX one day before the DIY Musician Conference.

Jim Brickman is a Grammy-nominated songwriter and performer. He has collaborated with artists such as Johnny Mathis, Lady Antebellum, Wayne Brady, and Donny Osmand.

At this pre-conference workshop, you’ll get to:

  • dive into the craft and business of songwriting
  • gain experience in co-writing with other participants
  • and improve your songwriting skills with direct guidance from Jim

Select attendees will be chosen to perform during the workshop as well.

Tickets are limited so reserve your spot today!

Tickets for the workshop are $250.

The day-long session with Jim Brickman is happening between 9am-5pm on August 15th at the Hilton Austin, the same event space as the DIY Musician Conference, so get your tickets for both events, arrive a day early, and get even more from your time at the DIY Musician Conference.

Learn from Jim Brickman

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