SALE ENDS SOON: Release a Pro album and get 2 free Standard singles

Now through the end of July, when you sign up your album for CD Baby Pro Publishing, you’ll also get two free Standard singles.

Never released musicunder your current artist name?Release a single first to plant your flag and claim your streaming profiles.

Not sure how to use singles to grow your audience? Read about ten strategies to promote a single song.

With CD Baby Pro Publishing, your album will be set up for:

  • Worldwide distribution to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and 150+ other platforms
  • Global publishing administration
  • Sync licensing
  • Social video monetization for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Cutting-edge music marketing tools
  • And more

Get their attention. Stay on their minds.

From a time and budget perspective, singles are easy to release. That’s why albums are still important; they help create a larger context for your music. Publicity for indie musicians is a lot easier when you’re telling the important story of your BIG release. At the same time, a “release cycle” implies movement. It’s about more than just dropping an album and then vanishing until you’ve finished recording your next album.

Today’s music industry deals in attention economic, and streaming platforms reward those artists who release music more frequently. You’ve gotta stay on your fans’ radar, right? This limited-time deal will help you do just that.

You can either release your two free singles BEFORE your album, which helps you build momentum towards that bigger release, use them as follow-up singles to keep the energy going afterwards, or a bit of both!

Fun ways to tell your musical story with bonus singles.

If you use your free singles after the album launch, it’s good to remember they don’t all have to be super serious, pristine, studio tracks. With bonus singles, you can take chances, mix it up, and have fun with your fans.

Your two free singles can be used to release:

  • Remixes
  • Alternate mixes, acoustic takes, etc.
  • Live tracks
  • Instrumental versions
  • Demos
  • Cover songs
  • Collaborations

Make the most of this deal today.

This limited-time package deal gives you either a strategic onramp for your album release or a way to keep cruising once you’re underway.

But to be eligible for the two free singles, you must pay for a new CD Baby Pro album between July 23rd and July 31st (Pro upgrades not eligible). Your two single-song submission coupons will be emailed to you shortly thereafter.

Get the FULL MUSIC-LAUNCH package today

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