Your music available on Africa’s fastest-growing music service

CD Baby is always looking for new avenues to get our artists heard in more markets. That’s why we’ve partnered with Boomplay Music, the fastest-growing music application in Africa. With over 50 million users across iOS and Android platforms, Boomplay is a huge opportunity for our artists to get heard in an exciting and quickly expanding market.

What is Boomplay?

Boomplay is a music streaming and download service exclusively for users in Africa. The platform’s mobile app won Best African App at the AppsAfrica Awards in 2017. As of last year, Boomplay hosted a catalog of five million songs, a number that is quickly growing each day.

Why do I want to be on Boomplay?

Boomplay is headquartered in Nigeria, which is currently the world’s fastest-growing music market. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, a continent which has the youngest population of any in the world. According to news site Axios, 70% of people in Africa are under the age of 30. With that youth comes an embracing of new ways to listen to music. In 2016, streaming revenue grew by 334.2% in South Africa. In that same year, Nigeria generated $39 million in revenue. The BBC reports that amount is expected to nearly double by 2021, with an annual growth rate of 13.4%. As the fastest-growing music app in the fastest-growing music industry on the planet, Boomplay is a major factor in this burgeoning market.

How long will it take my music to appear on Boomplay?

Like any new partner, it can take a few months for your music to be searchable in Boomplay after we deliver it. We’re sending thousands of songs to add to their service, so it can take them some time to catch up. Once your songs are added, anyone with the Boomplay app can search and listen to your music.

How will I get paid when my music is played on Boomplay?

Boomplay currently pays its partners every quarter. That revenue will be reported into artists’ accounts and labelled with Boomplay Music as the partner.

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