CD Baby licensing VP featured in Synchtank interview

CD Baby has significantly ramped up its sync licensing services over the pastyear, securing placements in a diverse array of media. From shows on streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, to cable channels ranging from TLC to MTV and even car advertisements, an unprecedented number of CD Baby artists have enjoyed the monetary benefits and notoriety that comes with being placed on a major show, movie or commercial.

A driving force behind this recent success is Jon Bahr, Vice President of Business Development & Licensing at CD Baby’s parent company AVL Digital. Bahr started at CD Baby in late 2016, and in that time has revamped the sync licensing program. Jon and his dedicated staff have built a massive catalog of readymade material for media companies to license.

Bahr was recently interviewed on the Synchblog, the blog section of Synchtank’s website. Synchtank is the web application CD Baby uses to search, listen and select music from its pool of content. The program makes Bahr and his team’s jobs easier by allowing them to search CD Baby’s sync catalog by specific criteria like mood or genre to more accurately locate music to present for professional projects in the TV, film, advertising and gaming industries.

According to Bahr, variety is the key to this catalog’s success. CD Baby’s catalog offers a “huge collection of niches” for music supervisors to choose from. That collection includes a growing number of languages, which has drawn interest from media companies in a broad range of countries from around the world.

Read the rest of the article to learn more about CD Baby’s international sync presence, the quickly growing independent artist sector and how the synergy between sync licensing and CD Baby Pro Publishing is pushing CD Baby’s sync program to further heights.

How do I become part of CD Baby’s sync licensing program?

If you are already distributing music through us and would like to opt in for this service, follow these steps:

  • Click the View/Edit button for your submission
  • Scroll down and click Sync, YouTube and Facebook
  • Click Edit Sync Licensing Options
  • Click Collect Sync Money

Opting in to sync licensing will add your song(s) to our music catalog

As covered above, CD Baby and music supervisors for TV networks, film studios and advertising firms use music libraries to search for music to place in their media. They search terms relating to genre, tempo, instrumentation, and feel to find a song for a specific scene or type of project they’re working on.

That’s why it’s crucial during the submission process to complete all the information about your release, including:

  • Genres
  • Sub-genres
  • Sounds-like artists
  • Mood
  • Language
  • and more

All this information helps us locate the right music for the right project.

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