CD Baby Artists: Get Your Music on Peloton!

Like countless other people, I ordered a Peloton during the first full winter of the pandemic. Snow was piled five feet high. It was negative something degrees outside. We were going insane.

Then the bike arrived. [ Sound of heavenly choir. ] As soon as it was connected to WiFi I hopped on to ride.

The first class I tried was all Beatles songs. Next I tried the Beyoncé class.

Then I found something I hadn’t expected — a group cycling class themed around new indie music. These weren’t just fresh sounds from established artists, but tracks by emerging acts too.

The instructor talked about each artist with the enthusiasm of someone making a personalized mixtape. Only this mixtape occasionally yelled at you to pick up the pace or increase the resistance.

That’s pretty much the instructor I’ve stuck with since, because so much attention and love is put into celebrating new songs by little-known artists. But I’ve heard that many other Peloton instructors treat their workout playlists with the same care.

Your songs can be used in Peloton classes

We’re proud to announce our new partnership with Peloton because it means CD Baby artists can now be in the mix!

As part of CD Baby distribution, we can deliver your songs to Peloton, one of the leading fitness brands in the world. Your music could be chosen by their instructors and music supervisors for inclusion in Peloton classes.

This is just one of many new ways digital music is being used and monetized, and it speaks to the huge opportunities artists can find today at the intersection of music licensing, playlists, and online interactivity. These opportunities aren’t reserved for big artists from the label system. They’re available to ANY artist with great music and the right distribution.

Let’s go!



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