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The 3 things you need in order to seize upon a music opportunity

Artists, are you ready for what comes your way? This article was written by indie hip-hop artist Gospel Lee. A few weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to have my music video filmed by YouTube at their Nashville pop-up studio. It was an incredibly fantastic experience collaborating with such wonderfully talented, innovative individuals. The …

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8 Creative Techniques For Promoting Your Music On Spotify

As Spotify continues to gain popularity among music consumers, it has become an important platform from which artists market and share their music. Here we look at eight creative ways artists can promote their music on the streaming service. _____________________ Guest post by Ta'Rikah Jones of the Symphonic Blog Spotify...Read More

Record Labels Are (Kind Of) Dead. Long Live Label Services!

As the role and relevance of record labels has changed over time, new opportunities have also emerged in the music business, something which these two ex-major label guys are using to their advantage - and helping out their clients in any way they can along the way. _____________________________ Guest post...Read More

3 reasons you need to be be using YouTube’s Artist Hub

You’re reading this article because you’re an artist on YouTube, right? Well that’s good to hear! Because I’m going to tell you about something you should really be taking advantage of: YouTube For Artists. YouTube wants you to be successful. Like, REALLY. And that doesn’t come from some beautiful, altruistic soft spot that YouTube has …

The post 3 reasons you need to be be using YouTube’s Artist Hub appeared first on DIY Musician Blog.

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Be Bold. Pile On. Stay Punk. Reunion Tour [INTERVIEW]

Here Katy Otto speaks with the members of a group of reunited punk bands who recently went on a reunion tour across the East Coast in hopes of building energy to boost grassroots community-centered organizations. ____________________________ Guest post by Katy Otto of CASH Music I had the distinct pleasure of...Read More

How Music Conferences Perpetuate The Industry’s Gender Parity Crisis

Although conferences present an opportunity to improve on the issues of gender parity that permeate much of the music industry, this close look at the numbers presented by Cherie Hu demonstrates that this is sadly not the case. ___________________ Guest post by Cherie Hu on Medium [Due to the granularity...Read More

Spotify For Artists Now Offering Stats For All Your Songs

Although Spotify would formerly only provide data on songs with 1000+ streams, the streaming platform is now allowing artists to view listening stats for all their music, along with several other positive changes. _____________________________ Guest post by Chris Robley of DIY Musician You now have access to more streaming data...Read More

Spotify Partners With Lin-Manuel Miranda To Support Hurricane Maria Relief, Superstar Track Drops Friday

Spotify is working with composer and playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton fame to support Hurricane Maria relief efforts. The Tony and Pulitzer winner has recruited an all-star line-up of artists for a tribute single dropping Friday, benefitting Hispanic Federation UNIDOS Disaster Relief Fund. Miranda has curated a Spotify mix of...Read More

More Than 50% Of Americans Check Facebook “Several Times A Day” [CHART]

American's check their Facebook page many times each day, according to a new survey. Only a single social network - a messaging app - even comes close. AudienceProject and Statista Related articles Twitter Paid $30 Million For Vine, Now It's Shutting It Down REWIND: The New Music Industry's Week In...Read More

Spotify Expands Voice Control To All Android Devices via Google Assistant

Voice control, some analysts believe, is the killer app that will take music streaming mainstream, as well as, encourage more paid subscribers. This week has been flooded with major voice controlled music announcements and product launches from Sonos, Amazon, Google and today from Spotify. ___________________________________ Millions of Android users globally...Read More